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Content SEO

Content SEO

Content SEO is one of the most important pieces of the UX. Throgh this project, I successed Content SEO and the amount of the site's users leached 100,000PV in Oct. 2016. Then, it's stull getting bigger.

Umasake / January 2016 - now / #Marketing #Analytics #Report

Content Analytics

Content Analytics

How do you decide a priority on your website's content creation? With content analytics, you'll be able to know higher demanded content group and others, so you can prioritize your tasks efficiently!

NPO Hyggelig Japan / Novenber 2013 - April 2015 / #Marketing #Analytics #Content #Editing

Website data analysation

Website data analytics

Data analytics is necessary for today's web marketing. We all need to know the ROI to decide whether to do the campaign or not. This Analytics report is usually what I make when I asked to make an analytics report.

Umasake / January 2016 - now / #SEO #ContentCreation #Marketing #WebDevelopment

Website data analysation

Pagespeed Optimization

Slow web page loading speed is a critical issue because the majority of web users is using a mobile phone with a weak network. As a UVer learned web development, I challenged to improve web page loading speed.

Artist’s portfolio site / November 2016 / #UX #WebDevelopment # Optimization

Usability test

Usability Test

Usability Test is a reasonable way to get insights of the user's behavior. When your resource, budget and schedule are not enough, you can do only Low fidelity Prototype Usability Test. This is an in class Usability Test project.

Lemezon.ca(in class) / September 2016 / #UX #Marketing #UsabilityTest #Mockup


Branding & Logo Design

These days, a logo design trend getting simpler. Simple design is compatible for many situation, but to get attention, a logo design should be unique at the same time.

Japanese Sake Lovers / December 2016 - now / #Branding #Design # Illustrator



Taking photos is one of my hobby. This project is running on Instagram and has gotten about 300 followers so far.

Personal Project / October 2015 - now / #Photo #GoPro


Event Marketing

If you want to have a good supporter of your products, it is necessary to have both online and offline community. I organized a sake tasting event and this is a success story of event promotion.

Japanese Sake Lovers / Janualy 2017 / #Marketing #SocialMedia #Video



Video attracts people a lot. The biggest video platform YouTube has a billion users. In many cases, having videos providing better UX for customers. In this project, I'm introducing Japanese Sake to make Sake Lover's Experience better!

Japanese Sake Lovers / August 2016 - now / #Video #YouTube #Presentation


I graduated from BCIT
New Media & Web Development

Why I studied here?

  • I want to understand how developers think and feel when they are developing.
  • I want to add a small UX modification to a website quickly by myself.

What I learned?

  • Coding: HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Designing: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Video: Story board, Adobe Premier and After Effect
  • Using these skills, I have developed about 10 websites.

Learnings outside of my school

Contact Me

Thank you for visiting my website. If you want to collaborate with me, ask me a job, or just want to have a drink, you are very welcome to contact me! I'm opening e-mail and LinkedIn.